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PERMOS Reports

The reports «Permafrost in Switzerland» document the measurement results of the PERMOS network at 2 year intervals. Besides the documentation of the three observation elements, the reports also include a general introduction part on recent developments of the network, on weather and climate conditions during the reporting period, a selected focus topic as well as an appendix with tables and figures of metadata and data of the individual measurement locations.

PDFs of all reports can be downloaded below, free hardcopies can be ordered from the PERMOS Office.

The publication series «Permafrost in Switzerland» has the ISSN 2296-6145 (printed version) and 2296-6145 (electronic version).

Published reports:

Short Reports in «Die Alpen/Les Alpes»

An annual summary on the state and developments of permafrost in the Swiss Alps is given in the journal of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC-CAS) – «Die Alpen/Les Alpes» – (in German and French). Since 2008 the summary is published jointly for all elements of the Alpine cryosphere: snow, glaciers, and permafrost.

Other PERMOS-related Publications

Publications directly related to PERMOS and published in scientific journals, conference proceedings, newspapers, etc.